Sun Chair


  • Identify a target

  • Explore many ideas in sketch

  • Produce a series of physical

  • Fabricate an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and well-made wooden sitting
    device that can hold a human's weight

Meet Ryan

Ryan likes to spend his free time in his sun room after work. Lately he’s gotten into a new book series. He decided to add a new chair to the room so that he can sit and read while cooling off from the days hard work.

Brainstorm Sketches

The Designs incorporated sleek but sharp shapes. The basic intention was to have the furniture be based on post-modern or futuristic designs.

Ideation Sketches

After the first batch of brainstorm sketches were completed, a new set of more in depth sketches were made.

Scale Wood Models

Picking a set of three final designs, 1/8th scale wood models were made. The wood used was basswood.

A New Start

After analyzing the difficulties that would arise when assembling the full scale chair, the decision to make another new design was made.

First Full Scale Model

With the new design in mind, the first full scale model was constructed. The wood used was Fir.

Final Product Process

After the first full scale chair was completed, revisions to the design were noted down. The biggest change to the first design was that the width of the chair would be reduced by three inches.

Once the second chair was finished and sanded, a polyurethane finish was applied to the furniture.

Completed Final Chair

Polyurethane Finish