Project Phases

  • To design a batttery powered light.

  • To learn how to use light as a design element.

  • To design for product artitecture and form-giving.

1. Research And Brainstorming 2. Ideation Sketches 3. Low Fidelity Models 4. Final Design Direction 5. Final Design Low Fidelity 6. 3D CAD Model 7. 3D Printing The Lamp 8. Assembling The Lamp 9. Final Renders And Photos

Work in progress

Research And Brainstorming

Ryan likes to spend his free time in his sun room after work. Lately he’s gotten into a new book series. He decided to add a new chair to the room so that he can sit and read while cooling off from the days hard work.

Final Design Direction


Low Fidelity Models





Work in Progress