Mountain Expedition


  • To explore the complexities of game design.

  • To create an original game for two to four players.

  • To use new fabrication processes to achieve new ways to play board games.

Background research

Pre-existing games that were used for inspiration were a version of hexagonal chess called De Vasa's Chess and Piranha Panic.

Rough Draft Design

The game board consisted of 150 hexagon tiles. The hexagons were then transferred to cardboard in order to get the

3-dimensional scale of the game.

The excess cardboard triangles were glued onto the backs of each hexagon tile. The tiles were then glued onto a large cardboard back plate to get the mountainside.

The goals for the first play test was to work out any problems pertaining to the cards functionality as well as fixing balancing issues. The first draft of game rules were also tweaked as the game was played in order to get a smoother play experience.

First Play Test

A New Fabrication Process.

Exploration of both 3D modeling and printing for the parts to the board game. This fabrication method normally is cardboard with stickering decals or carved wooden figures. 3D printing allows the game board to not only have elevation, but also personality.

Professional Game Cards

With the game board and pieces complete, the next step in production was the creation of the playing cards for the game. The big decision was to have a company professionally print and cut the cards. The cards were made by hand using a drawing tablet and Photoshop.

Making the Game Box

Every board game isn't complete without its very own game box and featured box art respectively. The dimensions for the box would require enough room for the game board, stand, cards, and the multiple baggies of each player's individual game tiles and minis.

In order to match the game box with other leading brands, the box art was printed out on vinyl stickering and attached and folded the same way as the name brand companies do their game boxes.

Final Play Test and Photos

With the game now fully complete it was time for another play test. This time around the newly changed rules allowed for a fun experience that took about 30 minutes to play for three people.