Ryan just got a new position at work which allows him to spend more time at home rather than in the office. He intends to spend most of his days in his newly refurbished sunroom. However, he currently doesn't have any suitable furniture for the room in which he can comfortably sit in.

The design intent for the chair was to pull inspiration from modern furniture designs while also incorporating simple sharp angles, all of which are formed together while using simple wood joinery techniques.

After the first round of models were created, a new iteration was made by combining different elements from the 3 into one complete new design. From the sketch another 1/8th scale model was created to represent the form in 3D.

Sun Chair

Meet Ryan!

From the ideation sketches, 3 of the best forms were chosen to be created in rough 3D models. These models were each created at a 1/8th scale to an actual piece of household furniture.

Design Ideation

Scale Models

New Diractions

Full Scale Design

After the scale model was finished, work on the full scale version began. The chair is created from 2 by 4 planks of lumber which is striped and planed into evenly measured panels. Each panel was cut to shape and then attached together using wood glue. Each large portion of the chair was then held together using wood joinery techniques.

Design Direction