Inspiration for the lamp stemmed from forms of interweaving components and parts. The designs made out of origami were the most intriguing and any design ideations going forward that could represent these combined geometric shapes were preferred.

First forms created from the sketch designs were made from cardboard strips which were woven into one another in order to create the geometric patters.

Through further research into the designs from the low fidelity models, I came across the goemetric shape of 5 intersected tetrohedrons. Basing the design off of the form image, I created a final low fidelity model.

With the CAD model completed, 3D printer production of the different parts began. Outside of the stand for the lamp, the different tetrahedron components were all printed from differently colored filaments.

LED light strips are used to create the lamp's light sorce. As the different tetrahedron shapes are glued together, the assemply of the LED strip also took place.

Stelaris Night Light

Design Inspiration

Ideation Drawings

Low Fidelity Models

Final Design Direction

CAD Model

Assembling The Lamp

Final Lamp Design Poster